Connectivity Requests

    • The member can connect to the Ace trading platform using any of the following connectivity options:
      • MPLS Leased Line (Wireline)
      • MPLS Leased Line (Wireless)
      • Internet VPN (Broadband or Internet from an ISP)
      • Point-To-Point Leased Line Connectivity
      The member can opt for the above mentioned connectivity types through our network service provider, M/s Sify Technology Limited (Sify) or from TATA Communications Limited (TCL) or from Bharati Airtel Ltd.
      In order to remain connected to the trading platform at all times, members are advised to have a backup connectivity in case the primary connectivity fails. It is recommended to have the backup connectivity on a different medium or from another service provider than the primary connectivity. For example, if the primary connectivity is on wired Lease Line then backup connectivity can be on wireless Lease Line or Internet - or wired Lease line from another service provider.
      MPLS Leased Line (Wireline)
      The member can procure Terrestrial (wire line) Leased Line as a last mile (local lead) from any of the telecom service providers (Tata, Bharti, MTNL and BSNL), procured through Sify Technology Limited or through TATA Communication Limited or through Bharati Airtel Ltd.

      MPLS Leased Line (Wireless)

      The member can procure Wireless Leased Line (Radio Frequency) as a last mile (local lead) from Sify Technology Limited. TATA Communication Limited offers WiMax technology as wireless last mile (local lead). Click Here to know more about WiMax technology 

      Point-To-Point Leased Circuit P2P leased line connectivity

      The member can procure Point-to-Point (P2P) leased line connectivity from any of the Service Provider of their choice. For detail information about P2P leased line connectivity Click Here 
    • Request for MPLS/Leased Line Feasibility Check
      Application Form for MPLS Connectivity
      Undertaking for Connectivity
      Request for MPLS Leased Shifting Feasibility Check
      Application Form for shifting MPLS leased circuit
      Application Form for upgrade of MPLS leased circuit
      Application Form for surrender of MPLS leased circuit
      SIFY Member-End MPLS Charges
      TCL Member-End MPLS Charges
      Airtel Member-End MPLS Charges
      P2P Procurement Process and Charges
      P2P leased line connectivity request form
      P2P Undertaking